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Saturday: 5:30pm Vigil

Sunday: 8:30am, 11am


Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 5:30pm 

Fridays: 8:30am 

First Friday of the Month: 5:30pm 


  • Saturday: 3:30 - 5pm 

  • Tuesday: 12 - 1pm 

  • Wednesday: 4 - 5pm 

  • Thursday: 6 - 7pm 


Thursdays: 6-7 pm 

First Fridays: 6 pm Friday - 8 am Saturday (with Benediction)

Private Prayer

The church is open for private  prayer Tuesday through Thursday from 10am - 5pm; Monday and Friday from 10am-4pm


Adult Bible Study

All adults are invited to join us for a nine week Bible study at St. Benedict. We will be using the Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible study by Jeff Cavins and Sarah Christmeyer. This study will help provide a better understanding about the many books of the Bible, as well as a greater overview of salvation history. See the promo video here.

Register here by September 18.

There is not a registration fee, but we ask that interested participants purchase a copy of the study workbook through the link provided.

Gatherings will frequently occur on Mondays and there will be two different time options: 10:30am-12pm and 6-7:30pm. Please select which time of day you’ll be attending in the sign up link listed above, and see the link for the full schedule.

Please contact Ben Fleser at with any questions.

Children's Faith Formation/Youth Ministry 2023-24


Is your child eligible to receive a Sacrament this year or participate in our youth ministry program? Find more details and registration links below.


Family Faith Formation, First Sundays from 9:45-10:45pm

Family Faith Formation is open to all children in grades Pre K-4. Gatherings are held at St. Benedict School every second Sunday of the month, unless otherwise noted.  See the full schedule hereRegister here. Click here to join our Flocknote and receive communications about Family Faith Formation.

Knights Under 40

Are you a Knight under 40 interested in a small group focused on support in your professional, spiritual and family life? Find out more.


Join the Lilies

The Lily of the Holy Trinity Women's Society invites all women of the Parish 18 years and older to join them for food, fun, fellowship and discussion of Parish Activities. Find out more.


Volunteers Needed!

Its time to get ready for Oktoberfest! We need volunteers for all aspects of this wonderful weekend. Sign up today at this link.

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