2021 Commonwealth Catholic Charities Angel Tree


St. Benedict is partnering up again this year with Commonwealth Catholic Charities to assist with their Angel Tree, in an effort to serve the children under their care and provide them a memorable Christmas experience. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they have decided once again to do a virtual Angel Tree. Please follow the directions below to order an item from one of the two lists. Because we could not fit all the items onto one Amazon Wish List, we had to create a second list through Google Sheets (see below). Please Note: Items are being shipped directly to Bebe Tran of Commonwealth Catholic Charities, NOT to St. Benedict:

Gifts sent to Commonwealth Catholic Charities  must arrive by December 12. This is not the deadline for purchasing but for shipment arrival.

Contact Ben Fleser with any questions:

Prayers for all those on our Angel Tree list are also greatly appreciated.

To order from the Amazon Wish List:

1. Click on the link here to view the wish list: Amazon Wish List

2. When you find the item you would like to purchase, click on the item and copy the info that looks like this: AMA-SM_AGE: _11yrs Male.  These are the initials of the name of the person, as well as their age and gender. 


3. Click 'Add to Cart.' 

3. When all items have been added to your cart, click the shopping cart item in the top right corner of the page, then click on 'Proceed to Checkout'

4. In the box that says 'Gift Message,' paste or type the information for the angel you are purchasing a gift for (example: AMA-SM_AGE: _11yrs Male). Then click 'Save Gift Options.'

5. For the address, make sure to select 'Commonwealth Catholic Charities' C/O Bebe Tran.' If you don't see the address for whatever reason make sure to enter as the shipping address: 'Commonwealth Catholic Charities' C/O Bebe Tran, 1912 Rolfe Way, Richmond VA 23238

To order from Google Sheets:

1. Click on the Google Sheet here to view the second half of wish list: Google Sheets Angel Tree List

2. Under the column that says, 'Purchased By,' put your first name or 'Anonymous' if you prefer not to use your name. This will indicate that you are the person to purchase this gift.

3. If you see someone else's name under the column that says 'Purchased by,' that means that item has already been taken.

4. Before shipping items, please include somewhere the information of the angel you are purchasing the gift for (this information will look like this: AMA-SM_AGE: _11yrs Male, for example and is found under the column in the spreadsheet that says, 'Person for whom you are buying the gift')

5. Some of the items have direct links in the column labeled, 'Link for Item,' but some items will require some searching on the Internet.  Gift cards can be purchased on the Internet as well. Items are to be shipped to: 'Commonwealth Catholic Charities' C/O Bebe Tran, 1912 Rolfe Way, Richmond VA 23238







“Necessary emphasis should be placed on the ‘genius of women,’

not only by considering great and famous women of the past or present,

but also those ordinary women who reveal the gift of their womanhood

by placing themselves at the service of others in their everyday lives.”


— Pope St. John Paul II


This movement for women seeks to deepen their understanding of the nature and dignity of womanhood by studying the writings of Pope St. John Paul II and other Church teaching. 


For more information, contact Elizabeth Nichols (  



Moms Group


“Graciously crown with your blessings your daughter

so that, by being a good wife and mother,

she may bring warmth to her home with a love that is pure

and adorn it with welcoming graciousness.”


— Nuptial Blessing, Order of Celebrating Matrimony


The Moms Group is a casual group of Catholic mothers who meet on Wednesday mornings and other days for playground play dates, outings, and activities hosted by Saint Benedict School. 


For more information, contact Mary-Kathryn Chapman (