“Let no one have contempt for your youth,

but set an example for those who believe,

in speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.”


— 1 Timothy 4:12

Our High School Youth Group will meet Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:15pm at St. Benedict Church (It is easiest to access the church from the parking lot on Belmont Ave)

The aim of Middle School and High School Youth Group is to encounter and develop a relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, community, and service, to be formed as disciples in sharing God's love to the world.


Please click on the registration form for information regarding Religious Education fees. Fees help us offset the cost of curriculum resources and needed supplies. Please do not let fees be a burden, we want our Catholic faith to be accessible to everyone. Please contact us about assistance if necessary.

To register and/or to be added to our youth ministry email list, contact Ben Fleser at bfleser@saintbenedictparish.org

St. Benedict High School Youth Ministry Spring 2022 Schedule

For more information or questions concerning High School Youth Group, contact Ben Fleser (bfleser@saintbenedictparish.org).