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Baptismal Blanket Ministry


By knitting blankets that are given to newly baptized children, this ministry strengthens the communal life of the parish.


For more information, contact Ida O'Leary (




“We give you thanks, holy Lord, our Father,

for your loving gifts of food and drink.

Grant that some day we may sit

at the table of your heavenly kingdom

and there sing a hymn of praise to your for ever.”


— Book of Blessings


Each September, the parish organizes this German beer and food festival to raise funds for Catholic education. This is patterned on the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. The Oktoberfest fundraiser honors the German heritage that was instrumental in building the parish.


For more information, visit the Oktoberfest website ( by clicking on the logo or contact one of the following persons: 


     General information:        Ruppert Beirne (

     Volunteer Information:     Gretchen Ridgely (

     Sponsorship Information:   Pam Embry (

     Vendor Information:        Katie Toomey (



Works of Mercy Committee 

This committee established by Father John David to help the entire parish become more involved with serving others. The committee facilitates initiatives like the Annual Blessing Bag event for the homeless; charitable donation drives; mission trips; volunteer opportunities with organizations such as St. Francis - Manchester, and more. Please contact Caitlin Bootsma with any questions at


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