“Accordingly, the definitive aim of catechesis is to put

people not only in touch but in communion,

in intimacy, with Jesus Christ.”

Pope John Paul II from Catechesi Tradendae (On Catechesis in Our Time)


K-5 sessions will take place in person on Sundays from 9:45am-10:45am at St. Anselm Hall (located at St. Benedict School). 

Please click on the registration form for information regarding Religious Education fees. Fees help us offset the cost of curriculum resources and needed supplies. Please do not let fees be a burden, we want our Catholic faith to be accessible to everyone. Please contact us about assistance if necessary.

To register, contact Ben Fleser at

St. Benedict K-5 Religious Education Spring 2022 Schedule

*Please note: With the ongoing development of the COVID-19 pandemic, schedules and gatherings are subject to change.


For more information or for any questions concerning K-5 religious education, contact Ben Fleser (