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Periodic concerts at Saint Benedict's offer high-quality music to parishioners and serve as a powerful tool for evangelization, providing non-Catholics with a window to the Catholic faith. 


Concerts of sacred music "Create in churches a setting of beauty conducive to meditation, so as to arouse even in those who are distant from the Church an openness to spiritual values,” and "keep alive the treasures of Church music which must not be lost; musical pieces and songs composed for the Liturgy but which cannot in any way be conveniently incorporated into liturgical celebrations in modern times."


(Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments,

Music in Churches Other Than During Liturgical Celebrations, 1987)


We are extremely pleased to host a full series of musical events at Saint Benedict.

Each of our performances is without cost and open to all. Free-will offerings and designated donations are taken up to make these concerts possible. Please check back for future events! 

Friday, April 26, 7:00 p.m.

Saint Benedict Music Series will present Three Notch’d Road in “Polyhymnia: Praetorius for Eastertide.” Three Notch’d Road performs selections from Polyhymnia, Caduceatrix, et Panegyrica, Michael Praetorius’ magnum opus published in 1615, at the very beginning of the Baroque era. Fusing the ornate innovations of Italian Catholics like Giovanni Gabrielli with the simplicity and singability of the German Lutheran chorale, Praetorius masterfully creates an immersive, interactive musical experience unlike any other. Featuring liturgical works appropriate to Eastertide, the consort of instruments (violin, viola, sackbutt, cello, organ) will answer a consort of voices. A pre-lecture talk by Susan Treacy, professor of music emerita will take place 30 minutes before the performance (at 6:30 p.m.) 


Friday, May 10, 7:30 p.m.

Saint Benedict Music Series will present Zephyrus: Central Virginia’s Early Music Vocal Ensemble in a concert entitled: "Polyphony & Power: Music from the Court of Charles V.” Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands, was a central figure in some of the most pivotal moments in history, from the Reformation to the Atlantic slave trade. He was not only a powerful monarch but also a great patron of music, employing at his court some of the most celebrated composers of his day. Zephyrus traces Charles’s life through the music that accompanied it—his favorite chanson, written by Josquin; wedding and coronation masses by Gombert and Morales; motets marking political victories; and music composed for the emperor’s funeral.


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